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“Rollem International announces their new InsigniaX3 model specifically designed to Die Cut materials up to 30 pt. thickness”.

Proudly manufactured in the U.S., Insignia has been widely adopted by commercial and package printers alike due to its ability to convert an extensive range of stocks extending beyond paper and card stock including PVC, PET, plastic, vinyl, adhesives and even lightweight aluminum.

The new InsigniaX3 model was designed to handle heavier stocks and die cut material up to 30 pt. thickness with ease. The ISX3 handles sheet sizes of 24x24” enabling  maximum utilization of sheet imposition with the ability to feed sheets either portrait or landscape.

It’s ideal for digital printers offering customized products such as folded cartons for cosmetics, soaps, and craft boxes, beverage labels, retail hang tags, card carriers, industrial components, promotional products and much more.  The InsigniaX3 is the newest model to join the IS5 (20x15”), the IS6, (20x20”) and the IS7 (30x24”) sizes.

The Insignia die cutter offers a wealth of value added processes in an economical, easy to use machine, designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.  “We’re seeing customers from a broad range of sectors including commercial, packaging, photographical and industrial companies.  Some seeking to eliminate out-sourcing and others with legacy machinery who are looking for shorter run, easy to operate alternatives. The new ISX3 will greatly expand our base with its 30 pt. cutting capacity.” states Susan Corwin, Marketing Manager.

Maximum Sheet Size: 24x24" 
Speeds: Up to 5,000 sph

Footprint: 79" long x 58" tall x 49" wide
Weight: 4,200 lbs.