Product Solutions

PB-10 DoD

Ideal for short run drilling with frequent change of hole pattern and/or paper size. All hole patterns are stored in the control panel with drill heads positioned and set automatically. Two individually driven heads move automatically to any position and drill any hole pattern. This flexibility is ideal for applications that change regularly and a minimal size runs.

Standard features include stroke and spindle speed control, cooling and lubrication and motorized drill belt.

PB-10 DoD Specifications

Number of drilling heads:   2
Drilling hole diameter:   1/8” up to 9/16” (3 mm up to 14 mm)"
Hole distance:   0” to 12 1⁄2” (0 mm to 320 mm)
Insertion depth behind the drill bits:   3/16” to 2” (5 to 50 mm)
Back Stop:   Electronically controlled. Different distances from the rear edge of the pile can be done in one operation.
Maximum stack height:   3” (75 mm)
Stroke speed:   2 to 34 strokes per minute
Stroke length:   3/8” to 3 1/8” (10 to 80 mm) with automated adjustment to the pile height
Spindle speed:   400 – 3,200 rpm.
Drilling support:   Dürselen drilling belt with automatic feed
Drilling head equipment:   Cooling and lubrication of the drill bits, optional impulse lubrication for the inside of the drill bits.
Power requirements:   230/ 400 volt, 3 phases, 50/60 cycles, 4.8 hp (3.55 kW), 16 Amp., other voltages on request.
Dimensions:   43” (width) x 35” (depth) x 50” (height) (1095 mm x885 mm x 1270 mm)
Weight:   1,210 lbs. (585 kg net)
Design and technical data is subject to change.