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This system revolutionizes paper drilling with automatic feeding, jogging, drilling and delivery of products including loose-leaf, collated products with tabs,perfect bound books and stitched products. Drilling paper was an operation which required a lot of "manual labor". The paper must be jogged carefully and placed exactly in the machine—both of which have direct influence on the quality of the results and the time required. In particular, the operators become tired when drilling large quantities, which leads to decreased attention and productivity.

To eliminate these difficulties and to make drilling into an operation whose time can be calculated, the PB09 was developed. This machine is supplied with material by a transport belt. Stacks up to 2" (50mm) high can be placed on it unaligned. After the transport into the PB09 a jogging process takes place which aligns the products. In the 45° position the material is fed into the drilling unit, positioned automatically and drilled. The discharge also takes place on a transport belt.

The PB09 can process all formats from DIN A6 to DIN C4 and accept up to nine drilling heads. It processes up to 1100 stacks, 2" (50mm) in height per hour and, in addition to running the system by hand, it offers the possibility of working in line with machines upstream and downstream. To make the PB09 useful for all applications, we offer it as a special model with moveable drilling beam for the drilling of multiple holes for wire comb and spiral bindings. For the fully automatic drilling of loose-leaf works we have designed a special drilling and cutting line which also performs the trimming of the 4th side to size. Contact Rollem for the largest selection of automated paper drilling machines in the U.S. 

PB09 Specifications

Number of drilling heads:   up to 11 units
Drill hole diameter:   1/8" to 9/16" (3 to 14mm)
Drill spacing:   1 1/4" up to 12 1/8" (31.7 to 310mm)
Margin:   3/16" up to 25/32" (5 to 20mm)
Maximum stack height:   2" (50mm)
Adjustable drill speed:   From 250 to 2.700 rpm
Adjustable stroke speed:   From 2 to 34 strokes/min
Electrical connection:   230V, 3 phases, 60 cycles
Power requirement:   2.5 to 3.3kW
Compressed air requirement:   250l/min at 6bar
Space requirement:   67" (1700mm) deep x 98" (2500mm) wide including conveyor belt
Standard length of transport belts:   1.5mm
Smallest paper format:   (A6) 5 5/8" x 4 1/8" (145 x 105mm)
Largest paper format:   (A4) 12 3/8" x 8 5/8" (310 x 220mm)
Capacity (depending on paper quality):   Up to 1100 stacks/hour

Design and technical data is subject to change.