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Innovative technology for multiple drilling of large format sheets before cutting. The PB-05 is designed with a programmable moving back gauge enabling the drilling of multiple-up applications such as garment tags, game products, leather goods as well as acd rom with 3⁄4" holes. The short stroke length mode produces more holes per sheet for higher production on multiple up products. For easy handling ofthe piles, an air-table is included as well as adjustable stroke and spindle speed regulations.

Standard equipment includes stroke and spindle controls, cooling and lubricating for extended drill bit life, air table, touch screen panel, and 5 standard drillheads. The PB-05 comes standard in a 41" model with the option of a 28" model for processing of smaller sheets. (28"x28").

PB05 Specifications

Number of drilling heads:   max. 22
Drilling hole diameter:   1/8"-3/5" (3-15mm)"
Drill distance:   1 1/4" 31.7mm up to 41 1/3" (1050mm)
Max. insertion depth behind the drills:   41 1/3" (1050mm)
Table length in front of the drills:   19 11/16" (500mm) to 33 15/32" (850mm) option
Max. stacking height:   2" (50mm)
Power requirement:   230V, 3 phases, 60 cycles
Dimensions:   Width 1800mm X Depth 2100mm X Height 1650mm
(2200mm X 1900mm X 1720mm packed in shipping box)
Weight:   net 1240kg
(packed in shipping box 1600kg)
Technical data is subject to change without notice.