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The PB-04N is the ideal drilling machine for 5-hole automotive drilling jobs. This high-power machine includes a programmable sliding table which allows for the drilling of virtually all hole distances. Optimum drilling support for paper drilling: drill belt instead of drill sticks for easy operation and clean holes through to the bottom sheet. This model handles up to six drill head (standard is three) with the option of 2 extra wide automotive type drilling heads making the PB-04N the most cost effective method of producing automotive manuals.

Unlike other drills the PB-04N includes variable stroke and spindle speed control. It uses a mechanical cam lever for precise control of bottom of stroke depth and it has variable spindle control that ensures the correct rpm speed of varying size drill bits. It has dead bottom stop for accurate adjustment of drill depth and a sliding table for multiple stroke capability. Unique to Dürselen drills, the PB-04N comes standard with a cooling and lubricating system extending drill bit sharpness thereby lengthening the time between the sharpening of drill bits by up to four times that of conventional drilling machines.

PB-04N Specifications

Number of drilling heads:   max. 6
Drill hole diameter:   1/8"-3/5" (3-15mm)
Drill distance at drilling heads:   1 1/4"-11 1/2" (31.7-293mm)
Max. drill distance above sliding tables:   16 1/2" (420mm)
Min. drill distance between 2 holes:   1/25" (3mm)
Insertion depth behind the drills:   2 1/3" (60mm)
Table Size:   width 17 3/4" (450mm)
Table size in front of the drills:   11 4/5" (300mm)
Max. stacking height:   2" (50mm)
Power requirement:   220V, 3 phases, 60 cycles
Dimensions:   Width 1400mm X Depth 1200mm X Height 1880mm
Weight:   net 830kg
packed in shipping box 604kg
Option:   Internal impulse lubrication of drill bits

Design and technical data is subject to change.