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The New Way of Paper Drilling!

Dürselen Engineering and Innovation brings Speed, Accuracy and Increased Productivity to Paper Drilling...

Dürselen has led the way over the years to develop faster and more efficient drilling systems. Old paper drilling machines simply don't offer the speed, programmability, flexibility and profitability of a Dürselen drill. Our objective is to offer a Dürselen paper drilling machine which is suitable for every imaginable application. Our range of applications now extends from the drilling of different file holes and multiple holes, large formats and close hole spacing, through fully automatic jogging and drilling, fully automatic handling of loose-leaf work and in-line production lines. From the standard PB-04 model with 6 drilling heads to the modular PB-16 drill, print finishers are sure to realize the benefits of these feature-loaded drills.


  • Mid-size model with 5-hole automotive drilling — PB-04N

  • Multiple drilling of large format sheets before cutting — PB-05

  • Automatic feeding, jogging, drilling & delivery — PB-09

  • Drilling-on-Demand with frequent hole changes — PB-10 DoD

  • High performance programmable jogging & drilling — PB-15

  • Heavy duty modular system with up to 15 drilling — PB-15 DoD

  • Applications & Hole pattern samples — PB-16