Product Solutions

Playing Card Sheets Converted into Poker Decks: Jetstream with Auto-Collator

Jetstream with Auto-Collator is ideally suited for production on products including:

Photo sheets
Playing cards/
Games Cards
Collector's Cards
Lottery Tickets
Business Cards
Greeting Cards
Direct Mailers
Book Blocks
Advertising sets
Card decks

The Jetstream with Auto Collator is an easy to operate system with a single computerized control panel and it requires just a single operator. Removable shafts allow for external job set-up on secondary drop in shaft units.  It's designed for reliability, job after job with heavy duty construction and hardened Sheffield steel shafts.  It includes a programmable memory feature for job specifications so once set-up, the operator may store up to 20 job parameters and easily recall each on for future use. 

Card Pack Converting Technology

Rollem International has been a leader in print finishing for nearly 80 years. In fact, the auto-collating technology is derived from our Slipstream and Revolutions models, both of which produce 80% of the casino quality playing cards in the world. The Jetstream with Auto Collator is one of our newest systems designed for printers and marketing companies to compete in the card deck/pack/ticket market -- producing virtually any product requiring two-directional cutting and collating. The speed and accuracy of the system lends it to high value products which require standardization and authentication such as event tickets, lottery tickets, election ballots, and games of chance.  Jetstream handles both offset and digital products equally well and may be configured in-line with digital presses or as a stand-alone unit. It may also be used as a dedicated production line with downstream wrapping and boxing units. 



Bi-Directional Cutting and Collating

What it Does:

This product is a fully automated rotary bi-directional slitting and collating system for producing mid-high volume card pack products such as playing cards, collector's sets, and game cards.  

The Jetstream is the industry's newest XY (bi-directional) finishing system designed for both digital print providers as well as offset printers. Sheets are trimmed, slit, scored, perforated and cut in one automatic system. This uninterrupted processing eliminates guillotine cutting and increases production while performing the most accurate slitting, trimming and scoring processes all at speeds of up to 5,000 sheets per hour.

Jetstream is versatile and can be configured in a variety of ways. It operates as a self-contained unit or, it may be integrated into a digital printing line to accept sheets directly from the digital press, thereby maximizing print and finishing efficiency.  The Jetstream, configured with the Auto-Collator unit is one of the most efficient and economical methods of producing card pack products on the market today.  And it's flexible; simply roll each section into the configuration that the application requires. Here we present the 

Jetstream with Auto Collator 


Full printed press sheets of various types of card products are trimmed and slit in the first direction, the sheet is then passed at a 90 degree angle and re-registered as it moves through the second set of slitting heads (with either bleed or butt cuts).  The auto-collator then moves right to left to collect each row into perfectly collated sets or decks. The decks are then delivered onto a conveyor delivery belt for final delivery and packaging. Speeds of up to 2,000 sph will deliver 112,000 cards per hour or 2,000 decks per hour.

Competitive Advantage

This system offers printers and marketers the ability to economically and efficiently produce sets of products which otherwise would be too labor intensive and costly to make. By simply imposing the images in the correct X/Y row layout, the printer maximize press sheet real estate by using every valuable inch of space while maintain the order of set delivery. Accuracy of the card cuts is guaranteed to within 1/1000th of an inch, sheet after sheet. The rotary cutting process cuts one sheet at a time, eliminating the inconsistent cutting accuracy associated with the draw of guillotine cutters. 

About T & L Perforating:
Certain products may require perforating. In addition to standard single direction perforating, Jetstream is equipped with our bi-directional and patented 'strike" features.  Intersecting perforated lines create business reply tear-off cards. Or, add multiple perforations to create coupons along the edge of the sheet. This is a feature unique to the Rollem Jetstream.