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Mailstream — Fully automated direct mail finishing system

Finishing technology continues to evolve. Whether it's in-line mailing services or digital slitting, Rollem engineers respond to today's trends with new technology. Rollem's latest models offer increased efficiency, higher quality products, less touch points and lower labor costs, resulting in increased profits on the products your customers want.

The uniqueness of this system allows the user to process multiple-up mail pieces and perform numerous functions in one pass. Direct mail pieces are two sided trimmed, gutter cut, scored and perforated, plus pattern perforating to create tear off coupons in both directions; remoistenable glue is applied followed by folding, tip-on card inserting and fugitive spot glue closure as the final step. These processes are completed in one single pass with delivery to mail trays in zip code order. There is no other system on the market today capable of maintaining the mail sort order which greatly reduces excess processes and labor costs. Mailstream is ideal for both VDP products and Ink-Jetting or Static Direct Mail.

View the video showing Ten Processes in One System featuring Scratch-Off Label applicator to cover secure data for an auto give-away contest. The application shows a 2-up automotive mailer, converted in one process to a 5.5 x7" trifold including score, perfs, removable tape strip, and hot melt glue for closure. 



Mailstream delivers a high level of automation while performing eight processes in one system. It's small footprint and low cost basis make Mailstream the ideal system for printers and communication firms wanting to bring mailing in-house.

Be more automated,
        more productive,
                more profitable.

Press Sheet to Finished Product:

  1. Stack of multiple up press sheets are loaded into automatic feeder.
  2. Multiple-up press sheets are registered to printing press guide as sheets are two sided trimmed, center strike-slit and pattern perforated in the first direction.
  3. Having completed the single directional processing, the multiple up mailers are passed at a 90° angle and re-registered in preparation for the second set of heads.
  4. Second direction top and bottom trimming, scoring and perforating.
  5. Tip-on card(s) are applied with fugitive glue.
  6. Fugitive glue is applied, mailer is folded closed and delivered. Optional ink-jetting plus the ability to maintain zip code order of addressed mailers for delivery to mail bins).
  7. Mailstream is fully customizable including a Mini-Mailstream format along with either standard folding or plough folds and various delivery methods.