Product Solutions

Revolution + Full Punch

Revolution Specifications

Maximum Sheet Size:   29”x30”
Minimum Stock Weight:   50 lb. Offset
Maximum Stock Weight:   24 pt. board
Speeds:   2,400 sph or 40 packs per minute
Floor Size:   18’4” L x 11’ W x 4’3” H
Electrical Requirements:   220V, 3 phase

Revolution — Drastically increases playing card productivity


THE ROLLEM REVOLUTION... The most advanced and fastest method of producing high quality gaming and playing cards ever! The Rollem Revolution will start with full printed sheets and end with perfect casino quality cards in one completely automatic system. The Revolution drastically increases productivity with it's in-line two-directional cutting, collating and die-cutting capability at processing speeds up to 40 packs per minute—all this with just one operator!

The Revolution processes sheet sizes from 29" x 30" and stocks from 50lb. offset to 24pt. board. Cut card sizes from 1 7/8" minimum and upwards. The new Autolay feature utilizes an electronic eye and automatically adjusts to compensate for any press registration issues. New features include full bleed cutting in both directions and vision system for detailed product verification. New PLC control, HMI interfaces and remote control options.  Perforating & scoring, in-line shrink wrapping or over-wrapping options are also available.

The Revolution works equally well on all of these applications including:

  • Playing Cards
  • Telephone Cards
  • Trading Cards
  • Game Cards
  • Coupons
  • Business Reply Cards
  • Post Cards
  • Event Tickets
  • Lottery Tickets
  • Greetings Cards and much more.

  • This Rollem Full Punch is an in-line attachment for the Rollem Revolution for complete automation in card pack production. The Full Punch is designed to accept the cut/collated decks of cards from the Revolution. The packs are automatically transferred into the Full Punch unit where they are completely punched/die-cut around with extreme accuracy and casino quality. For further automation, the Revolution and R&S can run in-line with shrink wrapping systems. With production speeds of up to 40 decks per minute, the  Revolution System is the most efficient, profitable method for card pack production.

    You have never seen anything like the Rollem Revolution for the ultimate in finishing efficiency and quality. Give us a call and let's discuss how we can eliminate excessive labor, improve the quality of your finishing AND increase your profitability.