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TR SSP System

VOD Variable Output Delivery Option

Rollem's TR SSP Finishing System offers the highest level of automation for wide format high volume runs from both digital and offset presses. 

The TR SSP Finishing system is a single-pass, multiple-processing work horse which eliminates additional labor and extra guillotine work stations. You can score, slit and perforate simultaneously and in combination with your existing folder, deliver finished products 5 times faster than conventional methods, all with just with one operator.

Single-pass processing allows you to confirm exact placement of scores, slits, etc. within seconds. This higher level of Quality Control lets you confidently process challenging jobs. And on-the-fly adjustments can be made to compensate for inconsistent press sheets, virtually eliminating waste.

Dedicated engineering has made the TR Die-Score System a successful choice for commercial and digital printers and binderies alike. Innovations include Rollem's patented S-Roll Corrugation system which guarantees your slit, score or perforations to be perfectly parallel. A powerful vacuum feeder handles stocks ranging from a 16 lb. carbonless to a 28 pt. board. Angular micrometer adjustments allow for corrections due to imperfections in press registration or stock irregularities.

Hardened ground concentric shafts maintain a perfect score depth while heavy duty upper and lower steady bearings achieves less than 1000th of an inch shaft displacement that commonly occurs during the processing of heavy weight stock. The TR is the top choice for finishing large format sheet fed products with the ability to handle press sheets 30”, 36” and up to 42” in width.

You can configure it to execute right-angle processing and a wide variety of cutting heads will satisfy all of your custom needs. In addition to the speed and versatility of the TR System, you’ll enjoy a higher quality finished product. Crisp scores and razor sharp cuts that are flawless.

  •   The completely versatile TR System can be easily configured to fit any need.
  •   Add an 8 page folding selection for high speed in-line scoring and folding. Create a customized mail production line with hot and cold glue systems and inkjet.
  •   The Rollaway Right Angle adds the second directional perforating, scoring and slitting. Features the new extended cross carrier for greater speed and a micrometer adjustable side guide for ultimate accuracy.
  •   The multi-programmable "Strike" feature  is ideal for creating tear-off reply cards or perf-off coupons. This is accomplished via electronic programming guiding the shafts to start or stop perforations or slits anywhere on the sheet.   makes way for strike/stop perfs and is ideal for T-perfing reply cards.
  •   The Double Head model uses a two-stage process that lays a second deeper score over a first which eliminates cracking and achieves sharper creases on difficult stocks.

Sizes and Options:

Sizes includes 30, 36 & 42 inch models

Available in a XY bi-directional configuration with the Rollaway right-angle unit for 4 sided finishing. 
Available in single or double head/dual shaft configurations.
Available with our without the "Strike" feature.


TR Die-Score Specifications

Minimum Sheet Size:   TR30 4"x5"
TR36 4"x5"
TR42 4"x5"
Maximum Sheet Size:   TR30 29x30"
TR36 35x36"
TR42 41x42"
Floor Space:   TR30 48"x10'
TR36 54"x12'
TR42 60"x14'
Feeding Systems:   Top Air Feed
Stock:   16 lb Carbonless to 28 pt. board
Speeds:   Up to 15,000 sheets per hour
Electrical requirements:   220 V3 phase
Gross Weight:   TR30 980 lbs.
TR36 1,250 lbs.
TR42 1,422 lbs