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Rollem's Rollaway unit adds two-directional capabilities

The Rollaway Right Angle performs the second directional perforating, scoring, and slitting process working in-line with most Rollem scoring and perforating models. Two-directional scoring, perforating, and slitting is performed in one pass with the addition of the Rollaway system. In addition to Rollem models, the Rollaway performs bi-directional work when married to folders, laminators, and even some digital presses.

Another exciting innovation Rollem offers twin shafting on all double head models. You can achieve scores that surpass press quality via the two-stage process that lays a second deeper score over the first. You can eliminate cracking and achieve a sharper crease even on difficult stocks.

Rollaway Specifications

Model Sizes:
Larger sizes available upon request
  18", 24" or 30"
Minimum Sheet Size:   4" x 6"
Maximum Sheet Size:   17", 23” or 29"
Stocks:   16" lb. Carbonless
to 28 pt. Board
Speeds:   Up to 15,000 sheets per hour
Electrical Requirement:   110 Volt
Gross Weight:   18" 392. lb.
24" 531 lb.
30" 670 lb.