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CD/DVD Inlay Slitter

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The CD Inlay Slitter was designed for precise one-step finishing of CD/DVD inlays. Alternative methods of finishing CD inlays are time and labor intensive. This unique system takes a press sheet and in one pass delivers precisely finished CD inlays. Increase production of CD/DVDs with speeds of up to 7,500 sheets per hour.

Rollem's rotary slitters offer 100% accurate two-directional trimming, precise slitting and clean perfs. Features include a two sheet detector, batch counter and pile height feeder. This specialty system is available in 6, 8, 9 12, 16 & 24 up formats.

The CD Slitting System offers the highest level of automation for high volume production of CD-related products. In addition, Rollem's Specialty CD/DVD Perf/Slit blade heads can be used as an alternative on any Rollem scoring machine. These heads offer tandem Perf/Slit blades for a perfect edge-to-perf ratio for the spine of CD covers.