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Advantage SSP System

Introducing the Advantage SSP System - our Mid-volume Slit, Score & Perf System. 


Advantage is Rollem's economical mid-volume Slitting, Scoring and Perforating model. It is designed with a shallow or low pile air feeding system whereby air separates the sheets for perfect feeding. This suction feeding system is ideal for processing digitally printed material with no fiber cracking or marking for flawless results. 

Key features include ease of operation, the ability to perform multiple processes on one machine and the ability to load up to 10 inches of stock per lift for easy continuous feeding and production.

The fully adjustable side guide guarantees accuracy to within a few thousanths of an inch on press sheets as large as 29x23" for scoring, trim and gutter slitting, creasing and perfing, sheet after sheet.  Advantage gives you the power to perform multiple processes with a single operator, greatly reducing labor expenses and increasing profits. 

Model sizes include 24 and 30 inch sizes in either single or double head configurations The Double Head, two shaft design, offers a two step process that lays a second deeper score over an initial shallow score. You'll see a sharper crease and no cracking, even on difficult stocks. Available in a bi-directional 45 degree set-up when configured with the Rollaway right-angle unit for 4 sided finishing.

Advantage Specifications

Model Sizes:   24"   or 30"
Min. Sheet Size:   4" x 4"
Max. Sheet Size:   23" x 25"   or 29" x 25"
Stock:   16 lb. Carbonless to 20pt Board
Speeds:   Up to 15,000 sheets per hour
Electrical Requirement:   220V