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Rollem Announces Major U.S. Retail Installation for Cutting Shelf Labels

Rollem announces a Major U.S. Retail Installation for Cutting and Collating Store Shelf Labels

The new Jetslit MKII was recently installed and has been configured to exacting requirements to ensure the shelf edge labels are cut and collated into the correct order to be easily distributed and installed around each store.  With hundreds of stores around the country they have thousands of products that need to be broken down by department and category which were built into the configuration. The Jetslit runs in-line with a digital press and accepts the sheets via a transfer feeder for complete automation - print to finished shelf tags delivered in store order!

The JetSlit MKII has additional features including:

Full Size Deep Pile Feeder

Barcode Reading for product verification and automatic sizing

SmartSlit system for instant product changeovers giving no make ready time

New Descending Card Stacker for Cassettes

For more information on this and other integrated Rollem installations, please contact Susan Corwin, Marketing Manager at (714) 935-9130.