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2D Advantage

New Airfeed Digital Slit/Score/Perf Finishing System


The 2D Advantage Finishing System gives digital printers the confidence to finish any project efficiently and accurately.  Rollem’s scoring heads eliminate toner cracking on most types of digital stocks. The slitting and cutting blades deliver 100% accuracy and a simple side guide adjustments corrects image shifting, common with digital output. Creating further value, the Advantage comes standard with perforating heads.  Now available with strike feature enables the user to complete more complex slits, scores and perfs. The double shaft design can be programmed to start or stop slits and perfs on the edges of the sheet. 
The Advantage model performs the above functions in a single direction. When configured with the right-angle Rollaway unit, bi-directional work is completed in one pass. In this configuration (2D),  press sheets are trimmed on all 4 sides, with slitting, scoring and perforating, to maximize output speed and eliminate the need for guillotine cutting. 

This system handles run sizes from 50 to thousands, at speeds up to 15,000 sheets per hour. Its maximum sheet size is 24x23” making it ideal for most digital sheets. Populate multiple images on the sheet and perform image slitting, in-line with scoring and/or perforating. 

The Advantage design includes:

  • Low Pile Air Feeding
  • Adjustable Side Guide to 1/1000th of an inch
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Single or Double Shaft Design

The Rollem 2D Advantage performs multiple processes in one machine, either individually or simultaneously; eliminating labor and expenses while increasing profits. Combined with a very economical price range and ease of operation, the 2D is a smart investment for any digital operation.

View the videos at left showing, from top, 3 up wedding invitation slitting and scoring.  Below, 2-up Table Tents showing bi-directional edge slitting, scoring and our patented strike-slit at the top and bottom of the sheets to create the tent base.

FEATURE: Rollem double head shaft design
BENEFIT: Shaft #1 lays the initial score to gently bend paper fibers. Shaft #2 lays  a second score delivering crisp, clean scores, sheet after sheet.

FEATURE: Standard with Slitting, Scoring and Perforating
BENEFIT: Multiple functions are standard on all Rollem models. No modules are required.

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Advantage Specifications

Model Size:   24"
Min. Sheet Size:   4" x 4"
Max. Sheet Size:   23" x 25"
Stock:   16 lb. Carbonless to 20pt Board
Speeds:   Up to 15,000 sheets per hour
Electrical Requirement:   220V