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Jetstream XY SSP

Double head configuration

In-line configuration

Rollem's Jetstream is a fully automated bi-directional trimming, slitting, scoring and perforating system designed for high volumes of production. Jetstream is available as a self-feeding system or as an In-line solution for most digital presses, UV coaters and laminators.

The Jetstream XY or bi-directional trimming, slitting, scoring and perforating system converts full press sheets into final cut products, in one process. It is the most cost effective method for cutting high volumes of business cards, postcards, photo cards, advertising cards, brochures and VDP products. 
Jetstream maximizes productivity by performing Trimming, Slitting, Scoring and Perforating as simultaneous or independent processes - no need for excess paper movement and additional labor costs.  Jetstream delivers print finishing automation resulting in less touch points, reduced labor costs and greater efficiency. The portfolio of Jetstream customers continues to grow and now encompasses the world's most successful print providers including web-to-print, commercial, digital and offset printers, direct mail firms, MSP and PSP's firms. Improve quality and finishing efficiency on these high-value products:

  • Postcard sheets
  • Photo and Greeting Cards
  • Business cards
  • Direct Mailers
  • Coupons and Labels
  • Retail Shelf Tags and Gaming Products

Off-Line or In-Line
Jetstream is versatile and can be configured in a variety of ways. Jetstream is available as a off-line or in-line finishing solutions and it will operate with a range of downstream units such as folders, gluers and packaging machines. 
This system is ideal for finishing sheets directly from all types of digital presses or as a self-feeding system. Alternatively, the Jetstream will feed from UV Coaters and Laminators for near-line production options. And it's flexible; simply roll each section into the configuration the application requires.  Rollem offers Jetstream in both 24" and 30" sheet size to serve most HP Indigo Xerox iGen digital presses. The 30" model is ideal for use with the new KM1 press. With its high volume run capacity of up to 5,000 sph, one Jetstream can often service multiple digital presses with its high volume production capabilities. 

Smart Perf Feature
Customize products with coupons and reply cards. Rollem's programmable "in-out-in" striking feature fires one of two shafts to engage the perf wheel and place "T" or "L" perforations on the sheet. Frequently used for billing statements, our Static perforation is programmed to perforate all sheets in the run. Our Dynamic Perf is programmed to perforate only a every other or particular sheets.

Raised or Textured Coatings
The Rollem Jetstream cuts all types of coated products with ease and concise cuts. The airfeed and cutting tools apply the perfect cuts and scores on these high end printed pieces. 

JetSlit Feature
When  the highest quality cutting is required, the JetSlit configuration is an option. Commonly used for business card slitting these heads offer extreme durability and precision cutting. Their 10' diameter design guarantee absolute accuracy and clean edges.  

Delivery Options
Cut product can now be delivered into any one of a few delivery options that including; a shingle delivery stacker, high capacity stacker, cartridge bins, patented collating cartridge to create perfect sets (games, playing cards) and an optical delivery and batching system. Click here

Sizes and Options:

Sizes includes 24 and 302 inch models

Jetstream is standard as a XY bi-directional configuration for 4 sided finishing. 
Available in single or double head/dual shaft configurations.
Available with our without the "Strike" feature.

Mailstream — Fully automated direct mail trim, score, perforate, fold, glue and tip-on finishing system

The uniqueness of this system allows the user to process multiple-up mail pieces and perform numerous functions in one pass. Direct mail pieces are two sided trimmed, gutter cut, scored and perforated, plus pattern perforating to create tear off coupons in both directions; remoistenable glue is applied followed by folding, tip-on card inserting and fugitive spot glue closure as the final step. These processes are completed in one single pass with delivery to mail trays in zip code order. There is no other system on the market today capable of maintaining the mail sort order which greatly reduces excess processes and labor costs. Mailstream is ideal for both VDP products and Ink-Jetting or Static Direct Mail.



Mailstream delivers a high level of automation while performing eight processes in one system. Its small footprint and low cost basis make Mailstream the ideal system for printers and communication firms wanting to gain control and bring mailing in-house.


Be more automated,
        more productive,
                more profitable.

Press Sheet to Finished Product:

  1. Stack of multiple up press sheets are loaded into automatic feeder.
  2. Multiple-up press sheets are registered to printing press guide as sheets are two sided trimmed, center strike-slit and pattern perforated in the first direction.
  3. Having completed the single directional processing, the multiple up mailers are passed at a 90° angle and re-registered in preparation for the second set of heads.
  4. Second direction top and bottom trimming, scoring and perforating.
  5. Tip-on card(s) are applied with fugitive glue.
  6. Fugitive glue is applied, mailer is folded closed and delivered. Optional ink-jetting plus the ability to maintain zip code order of addressed mailers for delivery to mail bins).
  7. Mailstream is fully customizable including a Mini-Mailstream format along with either standard folding or plough folds and various delivery methods.

The mailstream Jetstream can easily integrate with many gluing units to create pressure sensitive retail shelf tags. This is an ideal product to run in-line with a digital press as the Jetstream can maintain sheet order and produce installation ready sheets of variable data shelf tags.