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2D Champion 990

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Champion 2D Finisher
Model Sizes:
Minimum Sheet Size:   4" x 4"
Maximum Sheet Size:   24” x 19"
Stock:   16 lb.Carbonless to 30 pt. Board
Speeds:   7,500 sheets per hour, or more depending on press sheet
Electrical Requirement:   110 Volt

The 2D Champion 990 Finisher — The most economical automatic bi-directional digital finishing system on the market.

The new 2D Champion 990 Finisher offers high quality finishing production at a most economical price. Finish multiple-up greeting cards, photo cards, brochures, VDP documents, and other high value products on this bi-directional system. Eliminate the need for guillotine cutting, extra touch points and additional labor. This model is ideal for companies whose volumes are growing, creating the need for two-directional processing to increase production speed and turnaround time.  Perform bi-directional slitting, scoring, perforating and pattern perforating (for coupons or reply cards) with Champion 990 in the first direction and the Rollaway unit at a right angle configuration. Edge trims single or multiple-up press sheet images and applies center gutter cut with 100% accuracy and consistency, the finest quality score or cut-score available.

For products requiring folding, simply roll this unit to any right-angle folder to fully automate production. Most importantly, card products are 100% square and accurate. The Champion 2D Finisher offers top quality design features known to all Rollem systems, yet it's one of our most economical bi-directional systems. 

Champion Automatic 2D Finisher

For multiple-up photo cards, postcards and greeting cards.

  • Most efficient method for finishing multiple-up photo and card products
  • Bi-directional process slits, scores cut-scores, and pattern perforates
  • Eliminates guillotine cutting and additional manpower
  • Press sheet to finished product in one step!


Rollem's economical, function packed 2D finishing model requires fewer touch points and less labor.


Results in increased profits and improved automation on the products your customers want most.